Our Services

Low Temperature Storage
Always maintained between -18C and -25C by using heat-proof materials and facilities. E.g. Ice creams, frozen meats or seafoods can be keeped as their optimal situation.
High Temperature Storage
High temperature storage always maintains between 1C and 4C by using 7×24 temperature control system and backup cooling equipment, in order to make sure of meeting customers' requirements and specific needs of the products.
Small size & Isolated Cold Storage
Isolated storage space is designated by custom temperature and humidity, where a perfect environment for medical / beauty / health / chemical products etc.
Standard Food Testing Room
Our qualified staff to handle any sampling request from Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR.
7/24 Security and Temperature montioring

All storages equipped 24 hours monitoring from CCTV, to ensure customers’ products safety and quality.

Barcode Scanning System

A more completed inventory management that provides a quick and accurate inventories informations and records.

Tablet PC storage management system

Our customers can order directly through the tablet PC management system

Faster loading and unloading products

Convenient locations of Storage, which can make sure products can be delivered in a short time and maintain the good quality of products after unloading.

Inventory Management

The on-line inventory system is custom made for our customers, they can access the data of inventory management, stock aging report, expiry date or specific sorting, batch management, annual inventory count etc.

Inspection Service

We provide extensive product inspection service with a detailed report, regarding customers’ requests and instructions including weight, amount, quality and packing.

Logistics Team

GPS system is installed in all of our vehicles, delivery orders can be completed properly from entering and exiting the store. Also, vehicle examination are applied to our vehicles regularly to ensure the best, stable temperature delivery.

Other Services and Store Manintenance

We provide product labelling, on-pack premium packaging, food defrost, promotional items management and reverse logistics etc.
Also, we have regular pest control and sterilisation for our store completed by qualified pest control specialist, from vehicles and store cooling equipment inspection and maintenance. Our staffs frequently attend the courses held by the Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR to keep our customers updated about the food safety information.